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Public Safety with a Proactive Mission.


Portsmouth Police Department

The Portsmouth Police Department's highest priorities are to reduce crime and disorder, while improving the quality of life in the city's neighborhoods and maintaining a strong bond with citizens through various community policing programs and initiatives.

Community Services Unit (CSU)

The Portsmouth Police Department’s Community Services Unit works in partnership with the community to eliminate causes of crime and disorder that decrease the quality of life for the city’s inhabitants.

The CSU consists of the NEAT Unit and the Crime Prevention Unit. The NEAT Unit’s primary responsibilities are to identify chronic neighborhood quality of life concerns with the help of citizens, churches or businesses and to establish partnerships with groups that foster trust between the police department, neighborhoods and city government.

The NEAT Unit fields three groups, each supervised by a sergeant. Sixteen Neighborhood Impact Officers (NIOs) assigned to these groups cover nine geographical areas encompassing the entire city. Three of the officers are assigned to public housing communities within the city.

2011 Portsmouth Police Department Highlights (click to open and close)

• New location opened for the department’s Training Unit

• Property and Evidence Unit moved into the new Water Street location

• Progress continued on achieving accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA), the national gold standard for agencies seeking accreditation

• Grants awarded: National Night Out Grant, Justice Assistance Grant, Port Security Grant, Department of Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Safety Grant and Bulletproof Vest Program Grant

Reductions in Crime in 2011
• Overall Crime: Down 260 incidents (4% decline)

• Violent Crime: Down 22 incidents (4% decline)

• Property Crime: Down 247 incidents (4% decline)

• Aggravated Assault Gunshot Wounds: Down to 27 incidents (12% decline)
(FBI Uniform Crime Report, Part 1 Offenses)


Portsmouth Office of Emergency Management

The Portsmouth Office of Emergency Management coordinates the protection of life and property of citizens and visitors of the City of Portsmouth through preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

Operations include fire and emergency medical service response, as well as technical rescue, hazardous material response and maritime rescue.

Portsmouth Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (PFRES)

Eight fire stations are strategically located throughout the city to minimize response times. Operational personnel work on a three-platoon rotation that provides 24/7 response capability.

Portsmouth’s Advance Life Support (ALS) and transportation program has five (5) 24-hour ambulances strategically positioned to ensure timely arrival to those in need. All operational staff are trained at the Enhanced Technician level which affords the ability to provide EMS first response.

PFRES Achievements in 2011 (click to open and close)

• 17,771 total calls

• 13,489 emergency medical incident responses

• Average response times decreased by
   3.0% for non-medical calls
   0.3% for medical calls
   (Compared to 2010)

• Zero fire fatalities

• 230 smoke detectors installed, 100 smoke detector batteries replaced and 175 home safety surveys completed

• 200 station visits from community groups, schools and organizations; 248 apparatus visits

• 225 child safety seats installed and inspected

• Adopted the 2011 Hampton Roads Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

• Portsmouth re-certified as a Storm Ready Community by the National Weather Service

• Received the 2011 Tony Pini Award for Diversity and Inclusion in the Fire Service

• Received the 2011 Virginia Fire Chief’s Association Best Practices in the Fire Service Health and Safety Award for a Career Department

• Over 1,500 hours of physical fitness training completed by department members

• 25,583 hours devoted to training for certifications and continuing education

• 94 adults and 1,820 children participated in Portsmouth Public Schools’ 4th Grade Fire Safety Program

• Hosted over 250 national attendees during the Third Annual Women in the Fire Service Workshop and the Equity and Diversity Conference