ortsmouth, Virginia. The Perfect "Home Base."

 Ideally situated in the center of Hampton Roads, Portsmouth isn't just the perfect home base from which to enjoy a memorable vacation - it's also a wonderful place to call home.

Over 250 years old, the city is a true historical gem with stories and architecture dating back to the American Revolution and earlier. More recently, Portsmouth has undergone a renaissance that has given it a renewed vitality.

Hampton Roads Central Location to Live, Work, and Play.

Residents, shopkeepers and restauranteurs, business owners, the Military (The Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic Fleet Headquarters is located in downtown Portsmouth), tourists, and even relocating or expanding corporations – all are rediscovering the charms of this historic city that's perfectly positioned on the waterfront in the heart of one of the mid-Atlantic's most popular vacation destinations.

There's Something For Everyone in Portsmouth.

Each section of Portsmouth, including the neighborhoods in the Historic Districts, Downtown, Midtown and Victory areas, has its own character and personality, so there's something for everyone. From charming historic neighborhoods to brand-new developments to waterfront condos, there are plenty of options from which to choose.

Get More in Portsmouth.

More and more people are discovering how much more Portsmouth has to offer – and that's especially true with home values. A favorable real estate environment means Portsmouth homebuyers get more for their money compared to surrounding cities.